Supported Exchanges

More exchanges may be added in the future depending on demand.

  • /

  • Coinbase

  • Gemini

  • Alpaca (stocks/crypto)

  • Kraken (beta)

Date / Time

Your computer timezone and time must be correct otherwise you will have issues authenticating.


All settings are stored inside the phBot.ini file where the executable lives. You only need one exchange for phBot to function. Binance currently has the lowest fees and is available almost everywhere. Coinbase Pro has much higher fees until you start doing lots of volume.

The db3 files are where order and fill information is stored (per exchange). They can be deleted if needed only when Switched is disabled and you are not taking profit as crypto. See Switched for more info.

API Key Creation

First you will need to create an API key so that the bot is able to make trades. Do not ever share the API keys you create with someone else.

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