Some pair names may overlap on different exchanges. If this is the case, you will need a separate folder if you wish to use different settings.


Once you have created a pair you must then add it to the Pairs list for the exchange. Each pair must be separated by a comma.

  • Enabled

    • Enables or disables the pair. true or false

  • Size

    • Initial dollar amount.

  • Initial

    • Percentage away from the current price to place the initial buy order. If this is set to 0 it will use a market order and immediately enter - this also means it will always be in a trade assuming volume/price conditions are met.

  • Target

    • Profit target percentage (based on the average).

  • Target Base

    • Target a specific dollar amount (eg. set to 10 to always target a $10 profit). This defaults to 0 which will use the Target percent as shown above.

  • Scale

    • Percentage away from the last fill to place another buy order.

  • Scale Factor

    • Percentage to increase the dollar amount by for each scale in. The value it uses is the last fill dollar amount. This means each new scale in order will be more than the previous dollar amount.

  • Scale Multiplier

    • Percentage to increase the Scale by for each subsequent fill. This defaults to 0.

  • Fills

    • Maximum number of scale ins.

  • Profit

    • Currency to take profit in. crypto or base with base being the default.

  • Target Type

    • Sets which price to use for the profit target. avg targets the average of all the fills and base will use the first entry.

  • Flush

    • Enable to continuously move the initial buy order based on the last trade. This can be used to catch huge down moves when there are liquidity issues.

  • Switched

    • Enable if you switched from crypto profit back to base. This will force it to only track the average based on the orders that it creates.

  • Volume

    • Minimum amount of 24 hour volume to begin the initial buy. If a position already exists it will continue scaling. 0 will always trade.

  • Percent Change

    • Minimum % change (up or down) to start a sequence of trades. This value must be a positive number as we do not care if it is up or down - only moving. Can be set to 0 to always trade.

  • Max Price

    • Max price to start buying at. If this is set to 0 it will be ignored.

  • Exit Only

    • Once the sell order is filled do not place new buy orders. This will not cancel an initial unfilled buy order and will continue trading until the take profit order is filled.

Crypto Profit

The bot allows you to take profit as either dollars (base) or crypto. If you decide to take profit as crypto then go back to base you must first get out of the current trades and enable Switched. If you do not, it will either sell the entire position instantly, or if you withdrew profits, not be able to sell because the coin is no longer in your portfolio.

It is not recommended to take profit as crypto with a small dollar balance.

WARNING! Do not delete the db3 database file when taking profit as crypto or if Switched is on unless you know what you are doing. If you do, you must wait for your target to hit then cancel any open orders. You essentially must completely reset then let the bot start over.


Enabling the Switched option forces the bot to only track trades that it makes. Changing orders on the exchange with Switched enabled is not recommended. You can still edit the target and scale and restart the bot to make it update the orders.

If you manually exited a position, you will need to delete the database file so that it knows to start placing buy orders. This essentially wipes the memory of any trades the bot made. It will also wipe all information about other pairs so it is important to only delete it if you want to start over on all pairs.

If you only ever take profit as the base currency you should never need to use this option unless you are manually buying/selling as well. In that case you should have a separate portfolio just for the bot.


Margin trading is supported on Binance and Alpaca. Margin is only recommended for sophisticated investors with a high risk tolerance.

The bot will continue buying based on your fill count. It is on you to determine how much risk you are willing to take with margin.

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